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BIM Training Courses

Cadline BIM Training Courses

Implementing BIM often leads to a great deal of change for many organisations.  Often, there is a change of technology, workflows and even a change in culture. To enable this change, it is important that everyone, at all levels of the organisation, have the right skills to support this new approach to delivering projects. Cadline has developed a comprehensive portfolio of training activities and resources that deliver the specific skills that each member of the organisation, from design practitioner to board member, will need to make a success of a transition to BIM.

Select from the BIM for Buildings or the BIM for Infrastructure links below to find the BIM training courses we have developed for your industry. If you are unsure which of these options is best for you, then please give our team of specialists a call on 01784 419922 or complete a brief online form and we will contact you regarding your enquiry.



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