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Online Training with Global eTraining

eTraining allows you to learn skills faster, retain knowledge longer, and apply your skills to real-world projects.



Autodesk eTraining Courses are designed to give you a solid understanding of software features and capabilities. The courses are divided into logically organised, easy-to-follow lectures and topics. Text, graphics, audio, video demonstrations and “Let Me Try” exercises take you step by step through simple and sometimes complex procedures.

Investing in effective training is key to ensuring your software investment delivers the anticipated value to you or your business, adopting updated changes in new versions, balancing the level of skills across your teams and minimising downtime through effective use of software.

  • Easy access when you need it – available 24/7.
  • Self-paced learning.
  • Cost effective.
  • Interactive exercises to assess your knowledge.

Courses are available in two formats - course material is the same for both formats.


Guided Courses

A Guided Course follows a structured learning path through the course material ensuring thorough learning of all topics within the course and qualifies users for an Autodesk Certificate of Completion. This style of course is most suited to new users.

Flexible Courses

A Flexible Course provides the same course material as the Guided option – but allows users to ’dip in and out’ of topics in any order to refresh knowledge as required ahead of new projects or simply to improve understanding. This style of course is most suitable for users with some understanding.


A Complete Library of all courses is available for users of multiple software or as a reference tool. Where more than one course is required – purchasing a library provides a great resource and is the most cost effective solution.

Courses available include:


New titles are continually released and added to the eTraining Library.  Previous software versions may be available and all titles are available in both metric and imperial measurements.


Cadline - Global eTraining Overview Brochure 


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